Mapping & Monitoring EUPHRATES – TIGRIS river basin

Monitoring_Water EUPHRATES & TIGRIS© Şermin Güven
©Şermin Güven Monitoring Euphrates Tigris Project
MAPpiing & Monitoring Spaces and rivers

This MAPPING-Monitoring PROJECT has its origins in an anthropological field research and has been created to point out current climatic, political & social developments in relation to the main rivers EUPHRATES and TIGRIS in Mesopotamia. It is based on social ecology theory / environmental anthropology + political anthropology theories. My visual works are based on open source data.

During my research on this area, I realized that it does not get the attention it deserves in scientific and public discourse. Especially when it comes to understanding the complex interplay of humanitarian crisis, eco-systems, political institutions, and climate change.

All this must be considered in the context of power relations, geopolitics, conflict, and hope of the local population. The focus will be on the effects of climate fluctuations, drought, dams, irrigation, monopolized agriculture, conflicts, and forced migration on local civilians striving for a decent life in this region.

By using satellite data and cartography as interdisciplinary tools I aim to show the visible impacts of escalating risks and crisis – in the surroundings of the rivers of the Euphrates and Tigris.

This work is an open process and evolves continuously.

Monitoring Euphrates & TIGRIS

[Click on the following locations or river names to follow the water-file. This part of the Project is continuing]

Euphrates Tigris Khabur Munzur Dêrik


The River Munzur rises in the Munzur Mountains 39° 24′ 17″ N, 39° 3′ 14″ O . in the north of Dersim province. It flows past the country seat of Ovacık in an easterly direction. Later it turns south and cuts through the mountains. After passing the provincial capital, Dersim, and the Uzunçayır Dam, Munzur meanders into a reservoir on the Euphrates River system. Subsequently, Munzur is dammed by the Uzunçayır Dam over a length of 18 km. 4 km downstream of the dam already begins the reservoir of the Keban Dam. Many protests arose on the part of local residents and eco-activist against the dams. This river is considered very sacred in alevism. Plays for the people a central role in the religious interpretation of life.

VIDEO: MUNZUR 24′ 17″ N, 39° 3′ 14″ O

Mapping Dêrik /Dêrika Hemko / GeoHack: 37°10′34″ 42°8′24″

DÊRIK 37°10′34″ 42°8′24 is about 20 km west of the Tigris river which shapes the triple border between Syria, Turkey and Iraq. The town is inhabited by Assyrians, Arabs and Armenians and Kurds. A ethnic diversity – that is typical in this region across the borders.
Climate Change is happining everythere. Locally: What kind of observation and feeling do the inhabitants of this city have regarding climatic fluctuations?

Topography of Dêrik I
Topography of Dêrik II
Topography of Dêrik III
© Şermin Güven MAP: Dêrik_Land Elevation Model